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All we need to know is how to Add, Delete or Modify a Tiles Gallery.
A tiles gallery is a web-page (technically its a custom post type- CPT) that contains a single gallery of images created & maintained by WordPress standard gallery mechanism.

This manual focuses on maintaining those tile galleries.

Add a Tile Gallery

Menu select: Tiles Gallery >> Add New [ this operation will open a CPT that contains the gallery]

Once window opens, set:

Page title – this is the gallery name
Category – check the tiles category & sub category (i.e. 20X20, 15X15 or 10X10)
Attributes – Order – set the ordinal number of this gallery withing the category.
Note: you may assign a gallery to several sub-categories, the ordinal number will be the same for all! Thus, it cannot be the first in one category and forth in another.
Content – Generate a Gallery – by selecting “insert media” button & generate the gallery. see more details below on Creating, modifying, deleting a gallery in Add Images in gallery below.
Custom fields – select tile-size and set it to either 20X20, 15X15 or 10X10.

Finally, click publish/update to keep your work. You are done.

All the 5 items above are mandatory.

Create Image gallery

You are welcome to watch a video from 01:30 minute and on since the beginning is irrelevant.

  1. Select Add Media button in the gallery page.
  2. In the media window:
    select “create gallery” at the top left corner of the window
  3. set check marks on all images you wish to include.
  4. click “create gallery” at the right bottom corner
  5. [now you may arrange the images, delete – within the gallery you created]
  6. Finally click insert gallery at the right bottom corner

Modify Image gallery

Open the page gallery and click on the pencil icon to open the gallery for editing:
You can add or remove images.
You can perform any editing as in WordPress.

Delete Image gallery

Open the page gallery and click the delete button.